3 Tips for Website Design with Marketing Goals in Mind

Today there are many different ways you can build a website. Countless CMS platforms, code, frameworks and so on. I always try to break down what I do into 3 goals which I would like to achieve. It is a perfect number and achievable.

So I wanted to share 3 tips for website design with marketing goals in mind which are pretty important when doing website design and development.

1. Build trust in your customers when they come to your website.

Sounds simple but most sites especially in small businesses miss this one. The content has a little bit of fluff with no trust messaging. Consider why you are the best at what you do. If you do not believe you are then you should start. There are many ways you can display this in messaging and graphics. Consider making headers which state how long you have been in business or state something like “20,000 happy customers since 1986”. You can also create trust badge which display this type of messaging. This can be effective on cart or lead pages of the site after they leave the homepage or landing page.

2. Develop in a platform that will allow you to easily change your content so you test what works for you.

So not many people test their results. They barely look at Google analytics to see what the site is doing for them. Consider creating goals for the site’s leads or purchases and tracking the performance. You can do this with both calls and web leads on a site. If you truly want to use your site as a tool for generating business, then your reporting needs to be installed and you should be prepared to try new things. There is 5 buying personas which you should cater to in your design. So with that in mind, you could be servicing 5 different homepages based on the results through targeting.

3. Create a Content Marketing Plan.

This one is always a tough sell because it is work. The more you explore and develop content around your services and company the closer you will become to being the best at what you do. SEO is a term most people understand but do not realize you will not have any success in SEO without good and plentiful content. It will not only help your results in search, it will also help in customer loyalty, brand awareness, and engagement. In my opinion is the single most important thing you can do for your website and marketing goals.