4 Best Practices for Web Development

1. Usability and Experience.

Defining customer paths by optimizing key experience through UI development and conversion optimization (Example: Segmenting users by new and current customers. Provide a better experience in automating enrollment or provide customer service function to eliminate less phone support.)

2. User Testing.

Build out testing scenarios for customer paths and define success metrics for each. Refine website based on results to deliver best case scenario.

3. Creating High Value and User-Centric Content

Create content to support  brand awareness, better organic results and build a strong online community.

4. Well Define Product Campaigns.

The product should have special attention because it is what is we want the users to remember most aside from our brand. Products will really need to be explored by targeting users based on persona. (This example will work with 1,2 and 3 but should be on its own because it is directly what will influence conversions. Thanks for reading the 4 Best Practices for Web Development.