Create a Great Website Using These Practices

It isn’t uncommon to think of web design first in terms of placement and color: creating a good appearance as users move throughout a site. Even though these are important things, they are certainly not the only things that go into the creation of good web marketing design. Despite this, professional designers still get caught up in this line of thought.

Therefore, we’re going to look at web design practices that will help you design your site so, in addition to looking good, it will work well also.

Target Audiences: Understand Them

Prior to mapping out your site’s navigation, pages, design, copy, or anything else, brainstorm information about your audience. Who is it that is really on the other side of this screen?

Give some thought about what makes your target audience the same, as well as how they differ? Create separate core groups, then work on site development that speaks to each group and their own uniqueness.

Determine Cases for Use

Ask yourself, “Why do people visit my website? How are they gaining access? Are they using mobile devices, are they at home, are they at work? What kind of lifestyle are they living? What kind of goals do they have?”

When you are able to determine what your audience is looking for from your website, as well as how they expect to get it, you can better design your site to meet these needs for them in the most efficient and appealing way possible.

Plan Hierarchy and Content Strategy

When you’ve been able to make determinations regarding your audience, as well as what they are looking for on your website, you can create your website’s content and navigation that will directly speak to them in an intuitive and clear manner.

Do not speak in jargon, but rather jump right to the heart of the matter. Ensure that the most important aspects of what your audience is looking for is right in front of them and they cannot miss this information. If there is information your audience wouldn’t care about, this should be removed.

Use of a Lead Funnel

If you are creating a lead generation or sales site, then your navigation or content strategy should be affected directly by how your website’s pages are linked and designed.

Which pages are making sales? Which pages are bringing in paid traffic or organic searches (at the top of the funnel)? How do you plan to follow up on leads, and how much more information do you need in order to do so?

Create Graphic Design That is Good

We had to touch upon this at some point, right? Making things look nice is still an important strategy. This should not be at the expense of the other practices, though. Utilization of a website that is well-designed will improve upon a potential customer’s impression of a particular company.

When website design is done well, it can create a reinforcement of the brand’s messaging and communication done offline, thus increasing their web leads by as much as five times. In addition, the sales staff associated with the website will feel more confident with the website, bring in new customers, and close more sales.