All Aboard Florida Sucks!

Noisy Trains All Day and All Night in Jupiter & Tequest, Florida

Hello All,

Anyone hear “Noisy Trains All Day  and All Night in Jupiter Florida”?

I wanted to do a personal post and start a conversation about the increase in train activity in the last year in Jupiter and Tequesta. It has been literally around the clock. I know everyone is opposing this All Aboard Florida Garbage that our government trying to push through but right but are they already doing it with the normal trains all day and all night. Last night I counted 7 trains from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

I want to start a survey and conversation because something is going on and I am not hearing about it on the news. I am hearing it in my home all day and all night.

Be an advocate and start posting on your website and anywhere you can if you do not want to deal with this big problem later when it is to late.