• Heinz’s “Which Bean Are You?” Quiz

    Everyone loves beens…While your eating them. Heinz built a campaign which generated 22,000 likes in two weeks along with 10,000 shares. The whole campaign reached an estimated 11 million. Just a quiz which asked you what type of been are you.

  • Wilkinson Sword’s Santa Claus Hostage Video

    In 2013, the Wilkinson Sword released a hostage video featuring three evil elfs/grown men debating if they should shave off Santa’s beard.

  • Urban Hilton Weiner’s Selfie Coupon Codes

    For the Narcissistic person who likes to shop. The campaign gave $10 coupons for people who uploaded a selfie along with a hash tag #urbanselfie

  • WATERisLIFE’s First World Complaints YouTube Video

    WATERisLIFE a non-profit organization who is dedicated to bringing clean water to third world countries produce a very moving clip showing complaints of the privilege.

  • Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Facebook Thumb

    So this killer idea made a lot of people hungry. They made a huge chocolate cake with the very iconic thumbs up like icon.

    They streamed and made it a fun event which carried a few post and generated a whooping 40,000 likes.

    The videos they created generated over 350,000 views. WOW!

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