Social Strategy – Part #1

The best way to look at social media is how they can affect your acquisition channels and drive conversion. Certain types of business can perform very affectively with conversions when the right campaign and process is follow.
The idea is to drive brand awareness socially and build a subscriber or customer base that will want to follow your content marketing efforts.
Sites that can be used to drive a social strategy and spread content and also have user engagement will be the following:

1. Consumer & B2B Review Sites

2. Blogs, Forums & Review Boards

3. Social Networks & Online Communities

4. Social Bookmarking Sites

5. Social Music Sites

6. Social News Sites

7. Video and Photo Sharing Sites

8. Wikis

In every plan you need a starting point. Let’s start with Twitter and Facebook. The two main spots that everyone is making a claim. Just like any desirable destination. Using these two types of social accounts will create a better understanding on what information works best to branch out into other social marketing efforts.
Need help, Ask a Question on your social strategy.