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Why A/B Split Testing is Important When Improving How Your PPC Campaign Performs

Inbound traffic can be generated to website landing pages in some ways. Some options include advertising that is free or paid, as well as promotional campaigns whereby particular visitors are attracted. The goal here is to convert visits either into sales or leads. The most popular of the paid advertising methods is PPC, pay-per-click, accounting […]

Better Web Designing Tactics

When designing websites, ask yourself the following question, “What kind of results are you ultimately looking for?” What I’m talking about here are the types of designs that are so high functioning that clients fall in love because the a real business problem is solved by the project, and their bottom line has received a […]

Tips on Conversion Funnels

Constructing a funnel that converts is the aim of internet marketing. It provides leads and customers, the lifeblood of ecommerce. One of the most effective methods for constructing a funnel that is optimized for greater conversions is called the LIFT model. Here is an overview of how to put it together and test it. What […]

Local Web Design Tips – Jupiter Florida

There are so many good pieces of advice for local businesses to optimize their websites, however we are seeing poor site designs continue to crop up. Because of this, we are going to present some basic reminders of what you should NOT do on your local business site. 1: Avoid Vanity Phone Numbers Never use […]

Web Design for Conversion Rate

The one single factor that overrides all other online businesses from all others is their rate of conversion.  When conversation rates occur, this means business. In order to convert, a few correct things need to occur first, including advertising, SEO, social media, and web design. You no longer need to be an experienced website designer […]