Why A/B Split Testing is Important When Improving How Your PPC Campaign Performs

Inbound traffic can be generated to website landing pages in some ways. Some options include advertising that is free or paid, as well as promotional campaigns whereby particular visitors are attracted. The goal here is to convert visits either into sales or leads. The most popular of the paid advertising methods is PPC, pay-per-click, accounting for 64.6% of click-through keyword searches that were intended highly for business and commercial purposes.

When sites are interested in driving highly targeted traffic to a particular landing page where the goal is to create conversion efforts, PPC ads are the most effective. However, certain design elements could affect these conversions significantly. It is up to the digital marketer or the page owner to make the final determination regarding which design elements to use.

A/B split testing can be conducted to validate which variation proves useful as part of the overall process for optimization to improve the way your PPC campaign is performing. Here is what A/B testing is, as well as why it is considered a vital tool with regards to how successful your digital marketing campaign is:

The Definition of A/B Split Testing:

, A/B split testing involves testing a hypothesis containing two parts, A and B, which is where it name comes from. The two variants are involved in a series of randomized experiments, with all the elements and factors the same aside from where differences of one particular element or factor, in this instance the web page or landing page, is compared.

What is A/B Spit Testing Primarily Used For?

Most digital marketers believe A/B split testing is just an optimization tool. However, this type of testing can also be applied to validation during the initial stages of specific PPC campaigns.

Optimizing Using A/B Testing

The primary use for A/B split testing during optimization is for PPC campaigns that are ongoing. This is particularly true when testing for variations involving elements like call-to-action, form, headlines, image, and other factors such as conversion rates.

Validating Using A/B Testing

A PPC campaign that is already in full-swing benefits from optimization with A/B testing. However, this is not the only application where A/B testing is useful. Validation can also occur. You can test variation for campaigns prior to their rolling out to determine which will produce the best results.

A/B Split Testing’s Impact on SEO

This type of testing holds particular importance for this interested in validating specific parts of their PPC campaign for use and optimization to produce the best possible results with regards to higher conversion rates. Though, most digital marketers are leery due to the negative implications that may arise on the site’s SEO.

A/B Split Testing on a Schedule

Specify how long you intend to run your experiment, and gather only enough data necessary to run the A/B testing. Once identifications have been made how to optimize your landing pages and website, conclude your test. Remove markups, alternate URLs, and all other elements utilized during the experiment.