What is AB Testing?

A/B Testing

My firm Bright Vessel employs A/B testing to measure the performance of two, or more, completely different variations of your webpage. By using this testing method, Digital Complexion can determine which page users respond to more positively. Measuring your visitor feedback is one of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your website, and then make necessary changes to improve visitor experience. By improving visitor experience, you thereby improve your conversions. This is why A/B testing is so useful, and critical, to improving your website’s results.

What is A/B Testing?

According to Google, “an A/B experiment allows you to test the performance of two (or more!) entirely different versions of a page. Start with your original test page — the page whose content you want to test – then create alternate versions of that page. You can change the content of a page, alter the look and feel, or move around the layout of your alternate pages – whatever you choose. We’ll vary traffic to your original page and your alternate versions, to see what users respond to best.”

Why is A/B Testing Necessary?

There are many benefits to using A/B testing for your website. A/B testing measures the behavior of your visitors by showing which webpage they prefer. If Page A generates more conversions than Page B, then clearly Page A is the webpage that is more effective and should be used on your website. A/B testing is not only beneficial to your business, but it is necessary. This testing removes the need to guess and assume which changes may or may not improve your conversions.

A/B testing provides you with significant results which you can use to improve visitor experience and increase sales, leads and conversions. However, understanding these results and knowing how to use them is where my firm Bright Vessel’s expertise is required to reap the full benefits from A/B testing.

Bright Vessel understands:

* What to test
* How to test
* How to interpret the results
* How to use those results to improve your website’s effectiveness

A/B Testing Helps Improve Conversions

A/B testing is an invaluable toolBright Vessel uses as part of our analytics and testing methods to improve your internet marketing program. Bottom line, you want to improve conversions. Digital Complexion helps you achieve this through testing your webpages to find the most effective way to make visitors take action. Digital Complexion has the expertise required to get the most out of A/B testing.