Social Strategy Part #2

The Social Pages


Custom Landing Tab: Design a custom landing page that brands your image or product.
Groups: Many are already self-organized, but the simplicity of kicking off others can really pinpoint your audience.
Automate website content: You can automate the your website postings if you’re in a CMS platform.
Paid Facebook Advertising: Build campaigns based on content ideas and then target the user’s demographic with Facebook ads.
Add photos of your business in action: office, employees, and clients


Branding Page: Custom Background Design.
Build a following: Automate the process of following select people by particular search terms and increase follower rate.
Automate website content: Website content will be satellite in the same fashion as Facebook with using shorten links.Build interest groups: By creating compelling interests groups you can initiate discussion about specific industry topics that are relevant to your marketing campaign.
Valuable, concise tweets: The 140-character limit that’s at the center of Twitter’s success forces you to really think carefully about your tweets. The trick to gaining a good following is to put out immediately valuable messages that are concise and compelling. This is what will get you new followers and retweets.
Engage your audience in conversation: Engaging members of your target audience in conversation is one the key pillars of a good marketing campaign. Connect your feeds from other social networks.
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